Safari Dave's Bio

Despite a normal array of family pets in his childhood, Dave has been obsessed with tigers since he was two years old - he walked, talked and acted tiger. In fact, Dave was expelled from Pre-school for pouncing and biting. Although his expulsion from Tutor-Time to this day remains on his permanent record, it was not his fault. (Some little brat stole his Tigger lunchbox).

Although surrounded by animals growing up, Dave was consumed by math and science, and eventually became President of his High School Math Club. (In other words, Dave was a virgin in high School).

Dave started Stand-Up comedy in the Midwest in 1989, later appearing on Comedy Central and ultimately working comedy clubs across the U.S. and Canada.

He started volunteering in the early '90s at various exotic animal ranches and sanctuaries, and immediately fell in love with some tiger cubs. There was no turning back. As Dave later put it: "Walking a 700 pound male Siberian tiger on a mountain top at sunset is spiritual. To sit there and watch this perfect creation of nature watch the sun set on his kingdom, comes the realization that this is exactly where I was meant to be."

Although still single (women don't go for men with elephant dung on their shoes and exotic cat pee in their hair), Dave is happy to report that no, he is not still a virgin. However, as he admits: "I've kissed more tigers than women".